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Quality, not quantity

What matters most in life is the quality of every emotion we feel. Live each day fully, and live a life knowing your existence was enough. "O' Captain, my Captain:" Go forth, and be excellent. Spread your excellence, and be the change you want to see in the world. Shine on, you crazy diamonds. I love you all.

New Bedcast soon

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Episode 014 "Mistakes" is live now (audio only, unfortunately, so no YouTube), and episode 015 sTs 05 goes up tomorrow morning. Talk a little bit of tech, vacation, food, and I mention my new website! I'll put the link in the bio, but it'd mean the world to me if you check it out. Even if not, have a nice day 😊
New episode sTs 04 drops tomorrow morning at some point. #bedcast
Episode 12 - "Anxiety" is now live on YouTube and the various audio platforms #bedcast #sTs #anxiety #brainhealth
Episode 11 - "Depression" goes live Friday at 10am/2pm (audio/yt)
Kind of a short one, but episode #010 - Perspective drops tomorrow 10 or 11 am Audio and 3pm YouTube #perspective #positivity #PositiveEnergy #beExcellent #bedcast #sumthinsumthin
Episode 009 - "Positivity in Uncertain Times" drops tomorrow at 11AM (Columbia time, GMT-5) via audio, and 3:30pm on YouTube

Sorry for the picture quality. Didn't know the original was so small, and snapseed tried compensating for the discrepancies. #RipBrody #positivity #PositiveEnergy #818 #uncertainty #bedcast #sumthinsumthin #CadenceAlone
I've never heard of this movie, but re-recorded episode 2 "Storytellers" audio goes live tomorrow at 10am tomorrow, and video hits YouTube at like 3 or 4 pm. Hopefully before the evening news coverage starts. #Darth2020 #sumbedcast #bedcast #sumthinsumthin #poop #storytelling #mysteryreligion
Don't call it a Halloween special (sTs 03) - live tomorrow. 11am audio and like 3pm YouTube? Subscribe, hit the bell, select all, and it'll tell you since I scheduled it a few days ago. #bedcast #sumthinsumthin #Poop #halloween #special #DarthNiemand #Darth2020 #sumbedcast

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