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Talk a little bit about the future, not getting bogged down by social media, and spreading love to your neighbors and friends.

2021-05-18 3 min read

So, I'm hoping to start adding more to this site here in the next few days. There's been a lot of distracting information in the news, and on social media platforms, but in the end, this is all just useless noise. I'm hoping to be able to bring more positive light into these uncertain, and sometimes dark, times that we live in, and in not only helping myself to be more positive, hopefully this positivity can help all of you as well. 

To that end, I won't be referencing any global health or governmental issues going on in any future episodes; instead, I'll continue my focus on mental health, sports, entertainment, science, and things of that nature. There is a term known as "doom-scrolling," which refers to the act of scrolling down social media, and getting a sense of "doom" or dread from it, but because of the way social media is designed, we can't stop once we begin to feel this dread, and we continue until we feel both physically and mentally exhausted. 

Humans can really only absorb so much information at one time, and social media lets us surpass this natural, built-in limit by such a wide margin that many people can't handle it. Not only this, but many people use social media to compare their own lives to those of their peers, or to those of celebrities (aka normal people who just happen to be widely-known for something), and this can really weigh down on our minds. It makes us feel not only inadequate, because we're not where they're at, but also, it makes us yearn for more. More what? More stuff, more things, more useless crap that makes us feel slightly less empty inside. But in the end, we return to our needless and incessant scrolling. 

So, we scroll, and we scroll, but what do we get out of it? At first, our brains get a small hit of dopamine or serotonin, but in the end, we feel like we're coming off of heavy narcotics. Our brains crave it, and some people (some more than others) become addicted to social media. But this was all in its design. These platforms were designed to keep users engaged, whether they be happy or sad. But, we all know that if we're feeling sad that we're more likely to stay inside, and scroll through whichever app than if we're happy, where we're more likely to go outside, and maybe even go for a walk. 

At this point I'm rambling, but please, please, have some faith that things will get better. I don't necessarily know when, but I do know that if we cut out some of the needless distractions in our lives, we can start to feel better both internally, and externally. What do I mean by feeling better externally? Well, I'm glad you asked (or didn't). What I mean is that you can help bring about positive change in the world, which is one of the biggest things I strive for in the Podcast (https://anchor.fm/darth-niemand), and on here. I have good days, and I have bad days. But on the good days, I'm much more likely to reach out, and try to help spread that internal cheer I'm feeling to those around me. That's also what I want for all of you; to get to a place where you feel so good inside that you just want to share it with the entire world. 

I don't want to sugarcoat this. It won't be an overnight process. It's going to take a lot of work. But through love, positivity, and caring for each other, we can all get there one day. So, please, have patience, and stick along for the ride. 

With all that said, I think that's all I have for you today. Also, when I use all caps, it's not yelling. I think it just looks better. Have a beautiful day, friends.





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